Kipper Tie

Kipper Tie Hall of Shame

Each year the coveted award is presented to a club member chosen by popular vote to keep alive the memory of an exploit that the member concerned would prefer to forget.

DateNameMemorable EventArticle
2010  Pat CookFor resisting the hostile advances of an angry bull reindeer, at no small cost in soreness and bruises, for two hours 
2009  Steven Hibbens  For chasing his runaway flask down a steep snowfield, oblivious to the peril of the sheer drop below..   
2008  Nelson Blackburn & Davie Blair  For nearly igniting the Cluanie Inn's fuel tank and leaving the 5 Sisters brotherless   
2007  Tommy McClure & Michael Festorazzi For a 40km overnight trek back to civilisation from their Munro, when the car was just 8km away.   
2006  Brenda Lawson  For comprehensively demonstrating everything that can go wrong on an alpine hut holiday.   
2005  Bob Pate & Mary Molloy  For an aquatic short-cut by dinghy across Loch Quoich which the wind turned into a one-way ticket.   
2004 Sandra Doull  For starting up Quinag wearing lacy black knickers - on the front of her yellow Gortex jacket.   
2003 Davie Barr's Tooth Fairy  For replacing Davie's choppers under his pillow while Strawberry Cottage was taken to bits searching for them.   
2002 Billy Manders  For taking the evening's main course- a whole salmon - up the hill as his lunch piece   
2001 Leon Firth  For instructing beginners in navigational techniques, especially the use of coal lorries  
2000 Jim Beaton  For arriving at airport with all latest climbing equipment - and an expired passport   
1999 Ken Brown For scaling new heights in climbing dress sense 
1998 Jim Kettings For persistence and tenacity in leaving things behind at summit cairns   
1997 No Award  How come we were so boringly sensible? It can't last..   
1996  Andy Shearer  For wearing the Wrong Trousers - the ones with the large hole where the cash should be   
1995  Ken Brown  For falling through his bunk at Coruisk Hut, squashing a sleeping Elaine below  
1994  Cathy Jones  For involuntary snow descent on bum bag - which contained strategically-aimed crampons..   
1993  Jim Beaton  For exceptional talent in arriving at climbing destinations minus boots   
1992  Duncan Walker  For enraging a Coire Ardair cornice, which swept him ignominiously down a gully   
1991  Kenny Harris  For an ascent of Staghorn Gully with his boots on the wrong feet   
1990  Ken Brown  For losing 2 stone on a walking holiday in the Karakorum, entirely from his rear end   
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