Weekend trips give people the opportunity to get to hills that the Sunday bus can’t reach in a day trip or to do longer and/or more technically demanding routes than are usually possible on bus trips. If you are a total beginner to hillwalking we suggest that you try our programme of Sun bus trips until you gain more experience and feel confident that you can navigate un-aided before trying out weekend trips.

When and where...

They involve leaving on a Friday for 2 nights (or 3 on holiday weekends). The accommodation is low cost, good value and based on a mixture of hostels and club huts with dormitory bedrooms. Usually hostels or club huts have showers although sometimes we have trips to huts in remote areas that have more primitive facilities. Communal meals are normally organised. The evenings are usually great social occasions where the days’ events can be retold over a fine meal and a drink or two.

What do I have to do?

Transport to the venue is by people’s cars driving up on Fri afternoon/evening and returning Sun (or Mon on holiday weekends). The weekend organiser will arrange lifts for those that want them. Depending on the size of the party and/or special dietary requirements (e.g vegetarians) everyone will eat their evening meal together in one group or the organiser will split the party into several food groups. Some people in the group volunteer to do the cooking and the rest of the group does the tidying/washing up.

Generally speaking club huts require sleeping bags but hostels usually supply bed linen (best to check with the weekend organiser to be sure). Apart from your hill walking kit and personal items you need to bring your own food for breakfast and lunches on the hill and any alcoholic drinks. Fri night food is also your own affair although if you are in a car with others it is best to check with them. Usually for shorter journeys people eat before they leave. On longer journeys they may stop somewhere on route to eat or if leaving earlier on Fri afternoon sometimes people cook a meal when they arrive at the accommodation.

The map and grid reference of the accommodation and an indication of the walk areas that can be easily accessed from the hut are shown on the programme. The choice of hills is yours but you are usually able to find other people to team up with.

Making Bookings

Making Bookings - Because of the limited no. of places club members are given priority. Non-members are only allowed if a trip is not full. Contact Ken Brown  0141 812 1799; or -hutbookings@paisleyhillwalkingclub.org.uk. Bookings open on the dates shown above (after 9am) on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Places booked will be held for one week after which full payment must be made to secure booking. Anyone who fails to get on a trip will be given priority for the next trip of their choice by allowing them to book 1 week in advance of the Booking Dates (see programme). Usually if you make your request on the day the bookings open you will get a place unless it is a particularly popular location or special event (such as someone finishing their Munros).

Happy walking!