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Corona virus outbreak

The committee has been considering whether or not we should suspend the Club activities for the duration of the corona virus epidemic.

Having taken into account a variety of factors, the committee feels it prudent to suspend all activities until the outbreak is over. Therefore, there will be, with immediate effect, no activities until such time as the all clear is given.

The committee is sorry to have to take this step, but we believe it to be in the best interests of all members.

We do hope we all avoid this illness and get back to walking ASAP.

Of course we shall keep you informed of any new developments with regards to this virus.
Please also keep upto date via the Mountaineering Scotland link:

Kindest regards
PHC committee

Note there is one club weekend booked for 1-4 May. We will investigate the cancellation policy and be in touch with the members who are booked on this trip.

The latest news is also available on the PHC Facebook page.

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